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The Liberty Tree


Owner. Originally from Massachusetts and wanted to bring a taste of home to DC. Proud Patriots fan.


Executive Chef. Originally from Veracruz. Proud Redskins fan.

ABOUT the Liberty Tree

Why the Liberty Tree? Where did that name come from? Well...


The Sons of Liberty were a secret organization of American patriots who originally gathered under a large elm tree in Boston to protest the Stamp Act in 1765. Under that same tree, they lynched two tax collectors in effigy. It was then The Liberty Tree was born. The Sons of Liberty’s motto was, “no taxation without representation.” In a city where the standard-issue license plate plays off that very phrase, what better name for a meeting place with the tastes of home?

Scott Hamilton, owner of Hamilton’s Bar & Grill and DC resident for the past 15 years, originally hails from Massachusetts and wanted to bring a taste of home to the area. He shares a love for New England and its staple seafood fare.

The Liberty Tree, located in the heart of the Atlas District, is a place for present-day revolutionaries to gather. It is a warm, inviting restaurant featuring white table cloth caliber New England style food and wood oven pizza in an upscale, casual dining atmosphere.

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